The Less Talked about Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower

Winter is here, and skin cringing, bone-chilling showers come with it! Everybody dreads that moment when the ice cold water hits your skin causing goosebumps to erupt all over your body. Yes, we have all been there. Cold showers are an absolute nightmare, especially in winters. Most people prefer the luxurious steam baths and saunas to the freezing water and rightfully so. However, did you know that a bit of discomfort in the morning goes a long way to boost your immunity? Discussed below are some benefits of a getting an icy start to the day:

You are awake and alert to face the day

A cold shower in the morning is perhaps the best way to wake up. For although the cold water is pouring down the body seems more scary than soothing, it is good for your brain. Taking deep breaths and gasps are the body’s natural response to the cold water. This not only increases the oxygen intake but also boosts the heart rate. As a result, the brain is now fully awake and alert to face the day. Chilly showers work like an alarm clock instantly infusing your body with energy.

Cold showers are good for the hair and skin

Cold water works wonders for the hair and skin. It reduces the risk of wrinkles and keeps your skin smooth and tight. Hot water, on the other hand, tends to dry up the skin and open the pores and cuticles. Taking a cold shower “seals” up the skin pores and prevents dust and dirt from getting in. It also clogs the cuticles and keeps the natural oils in the scalp intact. Cold showers also improve blood circulation reducing the risk of hypertension and cardiac arrest.  

Helps you shed those kilos

It might come as a surprise to many but the cold shower in the morning stimulates weight loss. The human body contains two kinds of fat- white and brown fat. The brown fat is good for the body that generates heat to keep you warm. White fat, on the other hand, consists of the calories that accumulate on your hips and thighs. Taking a cold shower activates the brown fat that generates heat and burns the calories in your body. Icy water also boosts your metabolic activity triggering weight loss.

Eases up the muscles and relieves stress

Athletes usually take cold showers to reduce muscle soreness and ease cramps. Also, a quick shower after a heavy workout is just as effective, helping you refresh and reenergize. Jumping into the cold shower after a tiring day also helps you battle stress and deal with depression. Scientific studies prove how taking a cold shower decreases the uric acid levels in the body and washes away the dirt. The body when in direct contact with ice water releases glutathione, an antioxidant that effectively flushes out the harmful wastes from the body.

A cold shower in the morning does not seem like a terrible idea now, right?

  • January 16, 2017
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