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For some people, two heads are better than one. This is also true when it comes to shower heads. With dual shower heads, showering becomes very convenient. What’s more, you can shower more quickly, which is a definite advantage in the morning when preparing yourself for school or work. With the best dual shower heads, you can also have different features and settings. One can be a handheld unit with a massaging spray function while the other head can provide you with a gentle rainshower experience.

Top 5 Best Dual Shower Head Reviews

And it doesn’t have to be for just one person. With that wide water spray coverage, a couple can shower more quickly together so that both can get to work on time. A mom can bathe her daughter, or you can bathe your pet more efficiently.

Best Dual Shower Head

Of course, maximizing these benefits begin with the right choice of the dual shower head. And what’s “right” depends on your particular needs, preferences, and budget. But we can help you make a good choice by offering several superb options. These are some of the models that have received the best dual shower head reviews so far.

AKDY 125 Nozzles 3-Way SH0056

AKDY 125 Nozzles 3-Way SH0056

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This is one of the best dual shower heads in the market right now. And it’s not just because of the fantastic AKDY 125 Nozzles 3-way reviews you’ll find online. Proof of its excellence is its frequent “out of stock” status

It does seem like AKDY has seriously underestimated the demand for this terrific shower head.First of all, it looks very modern with its square shape. One shower head functions as a rainshower head with its 7-inch sides. The other one that measures 4 inches can be used as a handheld. They’re made from ABS so it can handle long hot showers, and they come with a chrome finish. The nozzles in the system total 81 in number.

Both can be used separately, and the handheld can either be used for strong massage jets or for a high-efficiency spray. The main unit is good for a full-body drench. The overhead brackets allow you to adjust the angle. The handheld also comes with a 5-foot flexible hose made from stainless steel.

Installing the AKDY SH0056 is actually easy at first, as you don’t really need to use tools to get the job done. The conical brass hose nuts can be tightened simply by hand. That shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

Perhaps the only problem reported by some AKDY SH0056 reviews is that setting up the handheld units can be somewhat problematic. If you don’t do it right, then the handheld shower head doesn’t sit securely in the handle when you turn the water on. If you can’t do it properly, you may have to improvise with some duct tape until you figure out what you did wrong.

The AKDY SH0056 comes with a 1-year limited warranty, which is fairly standard in the industry.

Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5-Inch 5-Function

Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5-Inch 5-Function

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Literally hundreds of Ana Bath SS5450CBN reviews have come out to heap praises for this first-rate dual shower head system. That’s not hard to understand given how the Ana Bath dual shower head can really upgrade the look of any bathroom.

The SS5450CBN offers a lot of benefits, and that starts with the installation. There’s no real hassle to it, and you can finish the job quickly without needing tools—you don’t even need a screwdriver.

Once that’s done, you get a dual shower head system with one of them a handheld shower head with a 5-foot stainless steel flexible hose. You now have 5 total spray patterns to choose from. The basic options are the saturating, massage, and bubbling spray. Then you have the saturating and massage spray combination plus the saturating and bubbling spray pattern mix. The system also has built-in water-saving technology, and the flow rate is set at 2.31 gpm.

It’ll look very nice in your bathroom, as the entire set comes with a handsome brushed nickel finish. The twin 5-inch circular shower heads also look decidedly stylish and modern.

And it can last for a long while as it comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Changing the water flow is easy enough, and you don’t get leaks when you change from one shower head to another. And you can use both at the same time, without reducing the water pressure.

Maintaining the dual shower head system isn’t really all that difficult. You may want to use a vinegar and water solution, but you only need to do so once a year.

Neptune Dual Shower Heads

Neptune Dual Shower Heads

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This dual shower head system from Zoe Industries is also a favorite among many consumers looking to upgrade their shower fixtures. These two shower heads sit side by side, and they look decidedly elegant with their solid brass shower head manifold.

These shower heads offer an adjustable spray pattern ranging from a soft gentle spray to soothe your tension away to a full stream of water to massage aching muscles.

Installing this Neptune should be easy and in fact the manufacturer certifies that the process is “frustration-free”. The procedure in the instructions is simple enough to follow, and you’re given enough plumbers’ tape to complete the job. In fact, many Neptune Dual Shower Heads reviews recommend that you use a lot of the tape to really make sure you seal it properly.

However, the water pressure may not be completely satisfying for some people, especially when you’re area is already cursed with weak water pressure. This means you will have to remove the flow restrictor. Just be careful, as that means you’ll use up a lot of water when you shower. The feeling can be a bit distracting, so you may not notice that you’re wasting water just standing there enjoying the shower experience.

Speakman S-2222-HS-CP-I Heavenly Anystream

Speakman S-2222-HS-CP-I Heavenly Anystream

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Once again you have twin bell-shaped shower heads, but this isn’t your ordinary dual shower heads. Its design is a classic, with its sleek and modern look topped off by its polished chrome finish. 

These shower heads can swivel on the brass (not plastic) ball joint, on top of its manifold that’s made of solid brass with chrome-plating.Now let’s talk about the spray patterns. When we say you have a lot of options, we don’t mean having 5 patterns to choose from instead of just 2 or 3, or even 23. We mean you have as many as 50 unique sprays to choose from.

The shower heads each has a level on each side to adjust the spray and there’s a shut-off button on the manifold. Each shower head has 8 center pulsating massage jets along with 6 main nozzles. The range of the settings starts from a normal water pressure for standard showers up to an insanely strong level that seems to simulate a fire hydrant.

Installing the Speakman Anystream is actually not hard, but you will need to buy some lumbers’ tape to get the job done right. In the end, you end up with a dual shower head that’s worthy of any hotel room. Actually, this is why it’s so famous. It’s featured in many hotels in the world, and many pleased hotel guests make a point to buy that same dual shower system.

As you may expect from a hotel-grade shower system, it is a tad more expensive as it can reach a price level of 3 digits. But it’s worth every penny, as it may seem like every day you’re enjoying a stay in a pricey hotel room. It looks great, it’s easy to use and adjust, and the shower experience it offers is nothing short of heavenly.

Grohe 27007000 Freehander

Grohe 27007000 Freehander

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The Grohe 27007000 Freehander is designed with 2 shower heads built into a single unit. It looks like the handle of a luggage cart, so you can adjust the height for both shower heads at once and it also pivots 180 degrees.

With these twin mushroom shower heads, you have several body spray and overhead shower options to choose from. For the outer shower head your options are Wide spray for an efficient body wash, the Pulsator spray to massage sore muscles, and the Eco mode to help you conserve water. With the inner shower head, the Wide and Pulsator spray options are joined by the Stop option. You actually have 18 different spray combinations, as you get 9 combinations for the elevated position and then you get the same number for the lowered position.

The Grohe comes with its famous SpeedClean anti-limescale feature, which enables you to easily get rid of the hard water mineral deposits. Its DreamSpray technology optimizes its water distribution, and the shower heads rotate a full 360 degrees.

It has a starlight chrome finish, and its clean look is made possible by the concealed fittings for where the arm mounts on the wall. You get a limited lifetime warranty on the mechanical parts, with a lifetime warranty on the rest of the parts


Choose from any of these dual shower heads, and you’ll fully realize that having two shower heads can make your life easier and your shower experience even more satisfying.

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