Best Handheld Shower Head Reviews: Know Which One to Buy

In many ways, a handheld shower head makes a lot of sense. After all, with a fixed wall-mounted shower head we have to move around so that the water hits the right spot on our body. This is not exactly what would qualify as efficient or convenient, for that matter.

Top 5 Best Handheld Shower Heads

This type of shower head is ideal when you’re using it to deliver a massage jet stream to your sore muscles. It also helps when you’re cleaning up your toddler or puppy. With a handheld shower head, you can hit the right areas easily.

Best Handheld Shower Head

If you’re looking to buy a handheld shower head, it might be difficult to choose due to the number of options available. But we make the process easier for you and all you have to do is take a few minutes to read our handheld shower head reviews we’ve provided here. With the help of our reviews, you can narrow down your options and find a great quality handheld showerhead that meets your needs and preferences.

Delta 75700WH Seven-Spray Hand Shower

Best Handheld Shower Head Reviews

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Now let’s start with the Delta 75700WH. This product has a very clean design and features plastic everywhere including its 6-foot water hose. While this look does seem a bit too functional, the functions it offers are actually pretty good.

First of all, it is ridiculously easy to install as several Delta 75700WH reviews have noted. One reviewer even noticed that it took a longer amount of time to take the shower head out from its packaging than it was to install it on the bathroom wall. However, that may be an exaggeration. It’ll take you several minutes and you need some pliers or a wrench to get it done.

This set already comes with the mount for the shower arm as well as the hose. This hose is plastic too although it measures 6 feet and tangle-free. It also features an internal waterway and double-checks valve, plus a spray dial that’s very easy to turn.

Now here comes the exceptional part—it has 7 distinct spray modes! You get 3 massage modes (full, fast, and slow), 2 spray patterns (fine spray and full spray), a champagne spray with air-infused water droplets, and even an energy-saving spray.

It’s easy to clean because the anti-clog nozzles do not require the use of a vinegar and water solution. If you want to remove any hard water mineral deposits, all you need to do is to rub them out.

Finally, there’s also the 15-year warranty that backs up its high-quality build. So all in all, having a plastic shower head is a small disadvantage to living with in return for all these wonderful benefits.

Delta 58467 In2ition

Delta 58467 In2ition

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This is another Delta shower head, but the 58467 In2ition is a very different system from the 75700WH. For one, this is a dual shower head system, except in this case one of the shower heads is a handheld unit. And it also features a chrome finish

You can use both shower heads together or use them one at a time. The settings include the full body spray for a cleansing shower, a fast massage that should really knead your aching muscles, and a full spray with a massage. The 4th is a pause function that slows down the water to a mere trickle. This is ideal when you’re lathering or shaving your legs.

The installation will also take a few minutes only. You just need to remove your old showerhead from the shower arm and put this in place. You may, however, have to use some Teflon tape to seal the connectors so that there’s no leak.

So what you have here is a multi-featured dual showerhead that’s easy to install and use. And its durability is superb, and Delta even offers a limited lifetime warranty for the Delta 58467 In2ition

Grohe 28179000 Relexa Plus Top 4 Handshower

Grohe 28179000 Relexa Plus Top 4 Handshower

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Grohe is a very well known brand of shower head and it is used by hotels around the country. The Grohe 28179000 is particularly popular. 

And because so many hotel guests really enjoyed using this shower head (some repeat guests have even asked for it by name), it has also become very popular in homes. While it is a bit more expensive than other shower heads, its price isn’t really prohibitive.

So what makes it so popular and expensive? One good reason is its use of the superior DreamSpray technology, which works to ensure that the water distribution is precise and consistent regardless of the spray pattern you choose. And you have 4 spray patterns to choose from.

There’s the standard Wide spray mode, which drenches you quickly from its 3.25-inch spray face so that you can take a shower more quickly and efficiently. Then you can also opt for the bracing Needle Jet option, which offers a more focused circular burst of water. If you’re suffering from tense or sore muscles, you can use the water to knead them with the Massage option.

This gives you a pulsating stream that you can focus directly on the affected areas since the shower head is handheld. Or you can leave the shower head on the wall-mount, and you can use the Champagne mode to relax after a hard day’s work. You’ll find that few things in life are as soothing as a rainshower-like experience with air-enriched water droplets.

That range of options plus the terrific DreamSpray technology make for a convincing case for the Grohe 28179000 Relexa Plus Top 4. Add the SpeedClean feature that lets you just rub off the mineral deposits and the nice look of the chrome finish, and you have yourself a winner.

Hansgrohe 04072000 Croma C 100 3-Jet

Hansgrohe 04072000 Croma C 100 3-Jet

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This Hansgrohe handheld shower head comes with a 4-inch spray face for larger water coverage. From it, you can choose among 3 options. 

There’s the full spray option to wash efficiently, the massage spray for a focused kneading of sore muscles, and the intense turbo if you really want maximum water pressure to wake you up. The water pressure does seem formidable, although it is still rated at 2.5 gpm.

The water flows through 75 spray channels with QuickClean technology so you can easily remove any hard water deposits. It works well with no leaks, and it even looks like it’s very expensive when it’s really not. It comes in various finishes, so you can get a finish in chrome, rubbed or oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, or a simple red color.

Just keep in mind that installing it requires you to attach it to your current hose. If you need a hose for it, you’ll have to buy one separately. The same goes for the holder of the handheld shower head.

Rejuvenator MBS-2011V2

Rejuvenator MBS-2011V2

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Now with this Rejuvenator you get the diverter for dual shower head setups and the hose as well as the handheld shower head. And this one features the unique Microbubble technology. Standard shower heads clean the outside of your skin

But this technology creates water bubbles that somehow clean within your pores. It’s like spending a time in a sauna.

After this shower experience, you’ll feel really cleansed like you’ve never felt before.Additional benefits include a 1.5-meter hose with anti-corrosive properties. The jets are self-cleaning so there’s no need to worry about clogs. And the entire setup is easy to install, and you won’t even need any sort of tool.

While you may miss other spray patterns, the one you get here is a truly relaxing experience. And if you’re prone to breakouts, then your skin will thank you for choosing this.

Delta Faucet 51521-WHB

Delta Faucet 51521-WHB

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If you like to sit down in your bath tub while you use a handheld shower head to clean up, then this is a great choice. That’s because Delta conveniently put a push button water shutoff valve on the shower head itself, so that you won’t have to get up to turn it off or on.

This shower head comes with a longer than usual 70-inch hose along with a 28-inch wall bar with an adjustable mount. It also features Rub Clean nozzles, which means you can remove the mineral deposits by hand.

However, it will need a shower arm diverter or a diverter tub spout, and you will need to buy these separately.


Reading these handheld shower head reviews should give you a better idea of which option to buy. But here’s one final tip. Try to see if you can find these shower heads in your local stores (or in a friend’s bathroom). Hold the units with your own hand to see that it feels comfortable for you. Sometimes these things may be too clunky or heavy to use comfortably for too long. By trying them out personally, you’ll know if they’re the right one for you.

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