The Best High Pressure Shower Head for Low Water Pressure

Water pressure is a crucial factor in the shower experience, don’t you think? For some people, having pathetic water pressure can extend the time it takes to shower and that can cause them to be late for work. Moreover, showering with weak water pressure can make you feel “less clean”. But even if you already have sufficient water pressure for your shower, you can still increase it to get the full benefits of shower massage.

Best High Pressure Showerheads - Our Favorite Ones

It’s not all that difficult to increase the water pressure for your shower, however. All you need is a shower head designed to provide high pressure water. Sometimes this is achieved by limiting the number of open nozzles the water can get through. In other cases, the shower head uses a pressure chamber that adds air and pressure to the water to force more water out the nozzles.

Best High Pressure Shower Head

But not all high-pressure shower heads are equally good. So to help you make the right choice, here are some terrific high-pressure shower heads to choose from. They may all have different sets of features, but they all have the capacity to provide a consistently strong water pressure from the shower head

Vida Alegría Spashower HP Shower Head

Vida Alegría Spashower High Pressure Shower Head

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This is an excellent choice, and hundreds of Vida Alegria reviews agree. This wall-mounted shower head can offer high pressure sprays with no problem. In fact, it offers at least 5 modes. First you have your 3 basic spray patterns: the power massage, the high pressure drench, and the relaxing rain.

Then you have 2 mixtures of these patterns, which makes a total of 5 modes. And there’s even a “drizzle” mode as well, although if your water pressure is normally low then you’re probably not a fan of this mode.

If the water pressure is still not high enough for your liking, then you can just remove the mandated flow restrictor. The manufacturer has taken this potential move into account, which is why they made the flow restrictor very easy to remove by yourself.

It is actually very easy to install. The instructions are clearly laid out and they come with illustrations. You also get the Teflon tape you need. The connector is even made from solid brass, which lasts longer when you attach the shower head to a hard metal shower arm. Typical shower heads are made wholly of plastic, and a plastic ball joint attached to a hard metal shower arm can leak when too lose or can break when too tight.

Maintenance is also a not a problem, even if you have hard water that often leads to mineral deposits buildup. Rub-Clean silicone is used in making the jets, so that you only need to run your thumbnail across these deposits to get them out.

And it is also made from clean hi-tech ABS plastic. The advantage of this is that you won’t have any trouble with unsightly water spots like what you get with chrome finishes. On the other hand, the plastic look may not go all that well with the finishes of your other bathroom fixtures.

High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head

High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head

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This is another superb high pressure shower head, as the many High Sierra Low Flow Shower Head reviews have reported. The water pressure is surprisingly strong, given that it is rated as a 1.5 gpm shower head

That’s the kind of flow rate that lends to high water savings, and in fact it’s estimated that this shower head can save as much as $50 per person per year on water heating costs. This is a WaterSense-certified shower head

Many women with long hair give two thumbs up for this shower head. As you probably know, you can’t just use weak water pressure when you use shampoo and hair conditioner. But the water pressure from this “low flow” shower head is sufficient for this sort of task.

It’s also an ideal shower head in the places where water pressure is very low. Now you can have a shower experience like other people have in other places. The technology is surprisingly simple—they use smaller holes in the nozzles, thereby increasing the force of the water as it comes out of the shower head. These holes are designed not to clog, so maintenance is easier.

This shower head is made from solid metal and it comes with a polished chrome finish. Only the splashguard is made from transparent ABS plastic, and you can even choose its color.

It doesn’t have any fancy modes or settings, but so what? When you have extremely low water pressure, you can get the shower experience you deserve with the High Sierra Low Flow and still save money and water.

Speakman S-2252 Anystream High Pressure Shower Head

Speakman S-2252 Anystream High Pressure Shower Head

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Now this one comes with the typical 2.5 gpm flow rate. It is of high quality, and it is made in the same quality grade as what you see on hotel shower heads. It’s so robustly built that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

It’s good enough that you get consistently strong spray force even if you normally have low water pressure in your area. It offers 6 adjustable jets that give you 48 distinct sprays. The nozzles are self-cleaning as well, so you won’t have any difficulty removing mineral deposits.

All you need to do to choose between the various spray patterns is to rotate the handle. Settings include an Intense setting, a Rain spray that’s soothing and relaxing, and the Flood setting that gives you thick sprays.

It looks good too, as it comes in a polished chrome, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze, or brushed nickel finish. It also has some metal parts so there’s a surprising heft to it. But the price is a bit heftier too, although it’s not all that exorbitant.

But the price is more than worth this particular shower head, as just about every Speakman S-2252 review has praised its numerous qualities. It’s worth every penny, and you have a lifetime warranty to back up its quality.

Delta Adjustable Water-Amplifying® showerhead

Delta Adjustable Water-Amplifying® showerhead

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The Delta 75152 is also known as the Delta H2OKinetics Showerhead. By whatever name you call it, it offers a superb combo of water efficiency and superior shower experience.

This is a WaterSense-certified shower head, and it gives you to flow settings to choose from. There’s the typical 2.5 gpm flow rate, or you can choose the more water-efficient 1.85 gpm. You can still feel the water flow force of a normal shower experience, even though the shower head actually delivers an amount of water that’s 36% less. An easy to use control level lets you adjust the volume of water you get.

Delta is also a pretty reputable name when it comes to home and bathroom accessories.​ They make fan fins for air conditioning systems, steam bath systems and many other useful things apart from showerheads.

The design is utterly modern and functional. It comes in a chrome finish, and it gives you 4 large spray holes. The engineering on the inside guarantees that mineral deposits won’t clog up the spray holes, and that makes it easier for you to get rid of the mineral deposits.

The ball connector is also made of metal, which makes it more durable than a plastic connector. It’s really not a good idea to attach a plastic connector to a metal arm or pipe. And just in case you still doubt the quality of the build, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This is quite an affordable unit, which makes its value for money exceptional. Now it may not have the ultra-high pressure spray patterns of massaging sprays, but when you’re suffering from low water pressure you take a normal shower experience every time.

Thunderhead TH2.5 High Pressure Shower Head

Thunderhead TH2.5 High Pressure Shower Head

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Now if you have normal water pressure for your shower, the Thunderhead TH2.5 can really increase the force of the water. And if you have low pressure, you get a normal shower experience instead.

Now if you have normal water pressure for your shower, the Thunderhead TH2.5 can really increase the force of the water. And if you have low pressure, you get a normal shower experience instead. That’s because the TH2.5 has a pressure chamber, which then forcefully disperses the water through its 90 spray jets.

This shower head also offers a very wide coverage. And you can also adjust the extension arm up, down, and sideways. It really gives you an overhead shower head even from a wall-mount setup. Installation is very easy as well. You just thread the shower arm coupling into the shower pipe by hand. That’s it. There’s no need to use tools to secure it properly.

The nozzles also won’t clog up. The nipples of the nozzles are pliable, so all you need to do is to squeeze each one to clear the hard water mineral deposits. This is probably its most notable drawback, since to maintain the nozzles you will have to do this for all 90 nozzles. Still, it’s a small price to pay for such an excellent shower head


So as you can see, there’s no real need to go through each day with a dribble of water from your current shower head. Upgrade to one of these high pressure shower heads, and every morning you will always look forward to a very invigorating time in your shower stall.

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