Best LED Shower Head – What are the Top Choices?

It’s hard to admit it, but bathrooms can be a very dreary place in any home especially if it’s not been updated for quite awhile now. If you want to make your bathroom look better, you’re going to have to spend quite a bit on the wall decorations, mirrors, and fixtures…. Or you can add a modern touch to your bathroom using any of the best LED light up shower heads available.

What Exactly is a LED Showerhead?

So you haven’t heard of LED shower heads? Seriously, this is a trend that’s increasing in popularity. After all, everything is becoming modernized nowadays with home automation becoming more and more ubiquitous. So LED light up shower heads can fit right in these types of interior designs.

Our List of Best LED Showerheads


LED Showerhead




Editor Rating

Luminex Air-Turbo

Luminex Air-Turbo


High End

BSB Homeware Rainbow LED Shower

BSB Homeware LED Shower


Low End

Vdomus 8-Inch Shower Head

Vdomus 8-Inch Shower Head


High End

Shower Door Direct LED Color Changing Showerhead

Shower Door LED Showerhead

Shower Door

Mid Range

These shower heads come with waterproof LED lights and they can be of any color you like. They don’t even need batteries to operate, because the water pressure through the shower head provides enough power to light it up. So using this kind of shower head won’t affect your electricity bills at all. In fact, it even ever so slightly reduce your electricity bills, because you won’t have to turn on your bathroom lights while you’re taking a shower.

Benefits of LED Shower Heads

So why are these LED-light shower heads becoming more prevalent now? Several reasons account for its popularity:

1. They’re very decorative. In other words, they look great, and are often an improvement over the previous look of your shower stall. Put them in your guest bathroom and your guests will surely remember their shower experience in a good way.

2. They can also put you in the right mood. They can make you feel relaxed and happy when they feature your favorite color. Bright white lights can make you happy. Amber lights can simulate the dawn and relax you for bedtime. Blue lights can help you focus, which can help when you shower to wake yourself up.

3. Children may find it more fun to take a shower. Some headstrong kids hate taking a shower, but a shower head that changes lights can convince them that it’s actually a fun experience.

4. The lights may also indicate the temperature of the water. So a red light can warn people that the water is too hot while a blue light can indicate that the water is still cold.

So now that you know what LED light up shower heads are and why they’re so great, you may want to get one for yourself. So which ones should you buy? According to numerous LED shower head reviews, the best ones are listed below:

Top 4 Best LED Showerhead Reviews

Luminex Air-Turbo

Luminex Air-Turbo

Editor Rating:

The Luminex Air-Turbo offers an enchanting light show for your shower stall, but that’s not the main point of this shower head. What’s really terrific about it is that the LED features seem like bonus advantages.

It’s not that the lights aren’t delightful. In fact they’re downright enthralling. That’s one problem you may have when you want a shower head with LED lights to entice your children to take more frequent showers—they may not want to leave the bathroom instead!

This is a dual shower head configuration, and one of them works as a handheld. And with both 4-inch shower heads gradually changing from one bright color to the next every few seconds and with a total of 7 different light colors, you get quite a dazzling show in the shower.

This excellent shower features the supercharged Air-Turbo design that really amps up your water pressure. Each showerhead comes with 4 different settings: the gentle Rain Mode, the invigorating Massage, Rain with Massage, and the Pause mode for water saving. You can also adjust the angles of both shower heads.

Installing this isn’t a problem and the handheld shower head comes with a 5-foot stainless steel hose. You can just tighten the dual solid brass conical nuts with just your hands, and it’ll probably take you 5 minutes to install everything.

If there’s a drawback to the Luminex Air-Turbo, it’s that its warranty is only average as it is only good for a year.

BSB Homeware Rainbow LED Shower

Best LED Showerhead Reviews

Editor Rating:

There are quite a few Rainbow Shower knockoffs around, so you better be careful and make sure that you get the BSB Homeware version. Unlike the knockoffs, the Rainbow from BSB Homeware works very well

You really get all the 7 colors of the rainbow from the 12 lights. The colors from the LED lights change gradually every few seconds.

Once again, these lights don’t need batteries, as it’s powered by the water pressure. It can work with a water pressure of 87 psi way down to just 14 psi. The 12 LED lights each have a life span of 30,000 hours so you probably won’t have to change the lights during your lifetime.

Even with the lights, the shower head does look good. It’s made from durable ABS, and comes in a chrome finish.

It’s also easy to install, and you can just replace your hand showerhead with this one. However, it doesn’t have its own hose, so if you’re installing a brand new shower head then you’ll have to buy the hose separately.

Vdomus 8-Inch Shower Head

Vdomus 8-Inch Shower Head

Editor Rating:

This Vdomus is a rainshower-type shower head, with a square design measure 8 inches on each side. It offers a gentle rainfall shower experience, with a flow rate of just 2 gpm. So it offers a wide coverage and you’re more relaxed with the gentle water drops on your skin.

You’ll also feel more relaxed with the LED lights. With the bathroom lights off, the color from the LED lights seem to travel down through the spray. It looks great, and even when the LED lights aren’t working it still looks modern and stylish. It’s made from ABS but with a chrome finish.

This comes with 12 built-in lights, and again they’re powered by the water pressure. And these lights aren’t merely decorative. They show 3 colors and each one signify the temperature of the water. If it’s still cold (under 25 degrees C), the lights are blue. The lights turn pink when the water is warm enough (25 to 35 degrees C). But if the water is too hot (at more than 35 degrees), the lights change into red.

With this, you can protect your family from getting under the showers when the water is too hot. The lights are designed to last for 6,000 hours. Even if the total shower time each day is 90 minutes, that’s still almost 11 years before the lights burn out.

Just keep on mind that it doesn’t come with an extension arm for your wall mount. That will have to be a separate purchase. But still, the lights pink lights look cool, and you get a nice relaxing rainfall shower experience each time.

Shower Door Direct LED Color Changing Showerhead

Shower Door Direct LED Color Changing Showerhead

Editor Rating:

Now the LED lights here in this Shower Door Direct shower head are merely decorative. But they’re very festive, and this feature makes it perfect for kids. Even the ones who don’t take showers frequently will be very clean every day because of these lights

Here we have 12 lights with 4 LED bulbs each for red, green, and blue. But you have more than 4 colors showing because one set of lights fade while another brightens. So you can start with 4 blue lights, and then while these fade the red lights begin to brighten, So during the transition you’’ have a purple light showing.

What you have to understand is that these lights change colors quickly, so some people say that they resemble disco lights. These will surely wake you up in the morning when you take your early shower. And that’s why they’re great for kids, because these quick-changing lights tend to appeal to the young at heart. But if you’re older, don’t expect these lights to relax you after a hard day’s work at the office.

As for the rest of the features, they’re really nice too. Installation is simple, as you only need to unscrew your old shower head and then you screw this in as your replacement. It has a chrome finish, and it has a swivel connector you can adjust to point it in the direction you want.


The choice of which shower head to buy should be taken seriously. For most people, having a light up feature is only one of the considerations. Other factors must also be taken into account, such as number of settings, ease of installation and use, durability, and design are more important.

Once these have already been considered and you’ve decided that getting a lightup showerhead that also meets all your other requirements is the way to go, then go for shower heads with long-lasting LED lights. Keep in mind that some of them come with LED lights that break down in just a few months and when that happens, you should still have a good shower head that offers features you need.

Make sure you research the real effects of these lights. Some aren’t as relaxing as you may have thought. Essentially, they’re best for children and for the young at heart!

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