Tips on Choosing a Shower Head if You Have Low Water Pressure

A nice warm shower after a hot tiring day is perhaps the best way to soothe you aching muscles and wash away the dirt from your body. It rejuvenates your body, awakens the brain and stimulates blood circulation. Now, everyone has their own particular preferences when it comes to choosing the right shower head. Some people prefer powerful ones that supply large jets of water while others might like low-pressure shower heads for a slower, gentler stream. Low water pressure in the shower can also be caused by leakages or other plumbing issues. Mentioned below are the primary features you should look for in a low-pressure shower head:

How to increase the water pressure?

Low water pressure can be due to a number of reasons. From faulty plumbing to leakages and clogged drains, the reasons are varied. The first and foremost thing to do here is to try and increase the water pressure of the shower head. Check the pipes and supply regulators thoroughly for any leakages or clogging. Go for a high-pressure shower head with big pores for increasing the flow of the water supplied.   

Types of shower heads to choose from

Gome are the days of simple shower heads; the consumer is spoilt for choice! From sleek handheld showers to adjustable sprays, rain shower heads and elegant stand-up units, the bathroom hardware industry offers you a variety of options. Decide on a shower head type depending on the décor and physical dimensions of your bathroom.

Shape, size, and structure of the shower head

The form and size of the shower head directly depend on the interior structure and décor of your bathroom. Also, the plumbing network and water supply of your house play an important part in determining the kind of shower head that would suit your bathroom. Also, the sturdiness of construction is a significant factor in deciding the toughness and durability of the shower.

Other high-tech features to consider

An average shower head is replete with many features that have simplified your showering experience. Listed below are some of the high-tech features you should look out for:


Aeration is the process in which air and water are mixed to create a foamy water stream that gives the impression of enhanced water pressure even though the amount of water flowing through is the same. Aerating your shower head though expensive pays of well in the long run, as it minimizes water wastages.

LED lights

LED lights on the shower head add on to the aesthetic appeal of the framework. Other than that, the lights also enhance your showering experience that can be adjusted to suit your mood making your bathing time more pleasurable and convenient.  

Environmental considerations

For areas with low water pressure, there is custom made shower heads that not only offer a decent stream of water supply but also cut on the wastage of water. These eco-friendly shower heads are usually EPA specified featuring a standardized flow rate and framework.

  • January 16, 2017
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