Pros & Cons of Using Low-flo Shower Heads

Gone are the days when shower heads would come in just one conventional type, today the bathroom hardware market offers consumers a tantalizing variety of options to choose from. From sleek hand held showers to high-tech faucets and elegant water sprays, the consumer is spoilt for choice. However, while on one hand these bathroom appliances make our lives easier, they have their fair share of downsides as well. Shower heads for instance waste a lot of water and contribute a lot to the water and electricity bill per month.

What are low flow shower heads?

Shower heads are of two types namely high pressure and low-pressure ones. High-pressure shower heads supply huge jets of water, while the low flow ones are gentler and slower. Low water pressure can also be a result of weak plumbing or leakages. However, recent scientific studies state how low flow showers can actually be a good thing as it not only prevents wastage of water but also cuts on the cost. Discussed below are some major pros and cons of low flow shower heads explained in detail:

Advantages of low flow shower heads

Responsive, sturdy and reliable low flow shower heads are an integral part of your bathroom décor.  Check out the main benefits of shower heads here.

Saves on water and energy

Low flow showers restrict the flow of water supplied to the taps and faucets in the bathroom. This reduces any scope of wasting water unnecessarily. An average low flow shower releases about 2.5-gallon water per minute while the other traditional devices support water flow rates as high as 8 gallons per minute.

Inexpensive and easy to install

Low flow shower heads come in both dual and multiple handles that simplify your washing. Moreover, the shower heads also decrease the levels of toxins such as CFC gasses, carbon dioxide, methane and chlorine in the water.

Drop in gas and electricity bills

The higher the pressure of water the more the heat energy. Low flow showers with their steady and slow supply of water keeps the heat energy and electricity in check.

The disadvantages

Now that we have discussed the advantages, let us move on to consider the downsides of the product:

Very slow and time taking

The water comes out pretty slow and can get quiet frustuating to fill a glass of water especially if you are in a hurry. Also in low pressure showers there is a time lag between changing the temperature and the console accepting and implementing those settings into the water.

Water cools down faster

In the case of low flow shower heads, the water flowing out comes in immediate contact with the air around cooling it down. The water droplets mix with the surrounding air causing it to cool down very fast.  

Not all shower head models are the same

Low pressure showers can be quite environment friendly saving on water and power. However not every low flow shower model is the same. There are some brands that offers water consumption rate of 4-5 gallons per minute while some company’s offer 2-2.5 gallons water per minute.

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